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snd.wave is a free iPhone app the analyzes your music library and shows you cool facts about your music.

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Tempo: Adaptive Audio

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Tempo is a free iPhone app that provides adaptive audio for your device. Download tempo and never adjust your music again.

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On ocasion I develop open source software, here are some of the projects I have worked on.


Initially this was to be a package to easily create OBDII interfaces, however over its development I have instead created an OBDII interface program. It is designed to run on OSX and the respberrypi. It has a clean modern UI that is easily editable, and can record vehicle data.

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HTML Text Gallery

A better version of the w3schools text gallery. Complete with animations, mobile support, and better compatibility with outdated browsers. This version is designed for use with the SquareSpace platform. To use on another hosting set up, please replace the next::before and previous::before content values with a unicode option supported by the font you would like to use.

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Lucas Klein standing on the side of Jackson Hole ski resort.

My Story

I have had a passion for app development and computer science ever since a young age. I began programming in middle school and continued to develop my skills throughout high school. I am now attending Indiana University to study computer science. In my free time I develop iOS and WatchOS apps, as well as contract development work for various companies.

When I am not programming I snowboard, wakeboard and work on my car.

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