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Over the years I have garnered some attention.
Below are some articles covering my work.

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Can't Get Spotify Wrapped? This Ingenious Apple Music App Is Even Better

Spotify Wrapped is a tool that tallies up users’ most listened to songs of the year. On Thursday the company released this data to all of its subscribers so they can share and view their friends’ musical preferences. As the playlists filled social media threads, Apple Music users were pretty jealous...

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Introducing the DB’s next-generation user interface

Building on our long history of providing opportunities to talented, up-and-coming developers, we created a team of student employees to act as a “strike force” to experiment with new technologies and develop new implementations of existing tools—all under the guidance of our leadership and senior engineering staff.

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Lucas Klein: Developing Apps for Music Enthusiasts

Snd.wave is a listener’s dream, allowing them to study their habits in an intimate way. The app tracks the user’s play counts and days, hours, and minutes listened to any given artist, album, or song in their library. It even tracks the number of songs by a particular artist as they accumulate in the user’s library over time, offering a line-graph history of the user’s relationship with their catalog.