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Hi, I'm a full stack software engineer specializing in iOS and React.



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The Story So Far

I have been fascinated by computers from a young age, which led me to learning programming and eventually developing and sharing my software with the world through the AppStore. In the future, I plan to apply my development skills and knowledge gained from my time at IU to new problems in the computer science industry, as well as create unique software to share with the world. View Resume

Early 2018: snd.wave 1.0

After learning UIKit and several weeks of development, snd.wave releases to the App Store.

Summer 2018: Start Computer Science Degree

I begin attending classes at IU and working tworads a BS in Computer Science, specializing in AI.

Early 2020: C323 (iOS) Undergraduate Instructor

As a sophmore, I TA my first of many semesters for the iOS development course.

Mid 2020: Systems Engineering at GlobalNOC

Hired as an hourly, I begin working at GlobalNOC. Developing and deoploying React based web apps to production enviornments.

May 2022: Graduate From IU

IU has been an awesome experiance and I am sad to leave campus behind. However, I am looking forward to what is next.

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